Digital vision systems for any market area

i2s are specialists in Industrial Vision, we cover any sector of activity where images are either useful or essential, from day to day use to more extreme conditions: in the biomedical or health industry, testing and industrial robotics, sport and media, agriculture and the food-processing industry, mobility and transport, aerospace, defense, libraries and archiving centres, smart cities and drones.

In order to respond to the needs of all these markets and provide the best service for our clients at i2S we base our services around 3 areas of activity.

i2S Digibook

Scanners and software for digitizing books, letters, photos, pictures and all type of cultural heritage contents.

i2S vision

Cameras, optics and standard industrial vision systems

i2S optronics

Dedicated cameras and optronics systems.

At i2s we supply our clients, who are integrators and OEMs, scientific organizations and universities, key players of large industrial projects and national and international R&D teams etc. with cameras, scanners, image treatment systems and optronics, along with excellent service covering everything from the logistics of distribution to the design of special products with added value.

A collaborative B2B approach

At i2S we cover the whole of the value chain for the lifetime of a product, from conception to mass production. Our goal is always excellence and top quality, with that in mind we create the technological building blocks : intelligent, integrated cameras, image editing software, optronic systems and business applications in open innovation with our clients. What is more, i2S are on hand to advise clients, accompanying them through their project with study centres, support, training, maintenance, international logistics etc. building a strong relationship with our clients and providing as many services as they need.

Challenge us

We are asked to take, capture and analyse all kinds of images, on earth, under water, in the air and even in space, but also in factories, towns, stadiums, hospitals and libraries. We’ve been doing it for 35 years.

Let’s combine our talents

All of our clients cultivate excellence. They ask us to work in Open Innovation with them, to create and develop high quality vision products which add value, wherever a camera is required, wherever images have become essential. We are proud to develop projects with them.

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