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i2S creates and markets a whole range of products (scanners and programs) for digitization projects and is therefore intended for use by any content owners such as museums, libraries, archives, administrators and businesses. Our clients value our innovative solutions which encompass the complete process of a digitization project: capturing, processing, enriching and sharing. In order to respond to demands to digitize varied, precious collections we have the largest range of book scanners on the market – from the smallest size to 2XA0, as well as imaging softwares solutions.

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Digitize cultural heritage

i2S DigiBook designs, manufactures and markets the largest range of high resolution scanners for digitizing all types of bound or flat work from the smallest size up to 2xA0.  All scanners are equipped with i2S high performance cameras. This comprehensive system can be adapted to any kind of digitization project: cultural heritage, science, administration or industrial work. More than 3,500 book scanners are currently at work in over 800 different client offices worldwide.

Process & Enrich Images

Digitization is easy with our LIMB range: simplify your digitization process, reduce the cost of digitization, increase the visibility of your collection. LIMB is an all encompassing solution for converting content which includes all the necessary tools for digitization projects in today’s world.

Share your collections

LIMB Gallery, the quickest and easiest way to share your collections on-line: import your meta data and your media…that’s all you have to do …your collection is ready! LIMB Gallery is available on a subscription basis, making it the simplest way to start building your own digital library.

A team of experts

Our organization brings together a team of multilingual experts who are continuously trained in the latest techniques and technology of the industrial vision sector and more generally in digital imaging. This means we can support you absolutely: not only in choosing products but also in coordinating every element that needs to come together for the success of your project.

CopiBook A2 Format Book Scanner

The CopiBook range of book scanner offers high productivity and high imaging quality to digitize bounded documents and book up to A2 format.



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Over-sized scanner SupraScan Quartz A1


The SupraScan Quartz A1 digitizes documents up to an A1+ format. It offers an incredible image quality and high productivity.

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Scanner for old and fragile documents

SupraScan Quartz A1 V provides high image quality on partially opened books.

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Optimize your digitization projects

LIMB Maestro is a unique software solution planning, prioritizing and optimizing digitization projects at a same time.

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Enhance and share your digital assets

LIMB Gallery digital library solution to publish, manage and share your content easily

Example: INHA

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Scanner for oversized works

SupraScan Quartz HD 2xA0 scanner digitizing oversized paints and works, combining high image quality and productivity.

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Scanner for old books

DigiBook v-shape scanner combining performance and ergonomics for fragile documents

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