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i2S is a company specializing in image capturing and processing technology.

We work for international clients, on a wide range of markets like: health and well-being, sport, multimedia, document digitization, food-processing and agriculture, aviation and aerospace, robotics and industrial control systems, and more generally, wherever image capturing is required.

i2S designs, manufactures and distributes cameras and optronic systems.

 Our ethos

Image, image and image again

We make capturing images, processing images and using those images our main priority. Our organizations, profession and partners are all focused on becoming leading experts on image capturing.

We serve demanding customers

Just like all of us, our clients are part of a community with a passion for images. Our clients have adopted our insistence on quality; they are also aware that the vision and optronics sector is far too specific to risk results that aren’t quite right, so they trust us. They deserve our very best and our company stability and solutions durability.


Excellence and up-market

Our profession is a complex one and requires different areas of expertise, each one as complex as the next: electronics, optics, software, micro-mechanics, automated manufacturing, marketing, sales… At i2S we enjoy creating things that others don’t know how to. In order to do this we nurture expertise and open innovation.

Pride of success

Success is shared as it comes from everybody working together. We are proud to support the ecosystem of optronic and imaging specialists that is i2S by nurturing it’s values, culture and global strategy for the benefit of our clients.

Open Innovation

We don’t do everything ourselves, we seek out the best or most skilled people, including our clients, so that we can work together, innovating image processing systems and cameras. We share the fruits of our collaboration.

Agility and flexibility

More Experimentation and less bureaucracy, more autonomy and less hierarchy, more curiosity and less certitude, teamwork as opposed to individual achievements.

 Image quality


We are asked how to produce the best quality images, to give structure to colors, to shapes and to density, to achieve the most beautiful finish possible; and we know how to do it.

 Extreme conditions


We are asked to adapt to a variety of conditions, from the most extreme to the most practical, we have to know how to fit in with all kinds of environment, and we know how to do it.

Ergonomics and Design


Lastly, we are asked to share concerns when ergonomics and design must blend completely with the latest technology; we are already doing it; for our clients, what looks good should go hand in hand with what is useful, design has become a major part of our work.

 Innovative use


At the end of the day, how each of us uses technology on a daily basis is what matters, if we use it in different ways then we ourselves become inventors -by-use. So we innovate by applying and using technology in different ways.

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