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Our DNA is made up of innovation and imaging creativity, which is constantly being renewed. This DNA comprises 35 years of experience within imaging that our clients are capitalizing on today, it also includes our capacity to align ourselves even more closely with our clients needs.


i2S has a unique knowledge and skills base which we are proud of: we make extremely high quality cameras with thoughtful designs that have multiple uses, uses that couldn’t even have been imagined just a few yeas ago.



i2S is one of the few independent European companies bringing together multi-disciplinary teams with many years of experience within digital imaging. This expertise comes into play for the distribution of standard products and the manufacture or design of specific products.

Wherever a camera is needed we are there, if an image is useful and should be circulated then we are there, we are everywhere that images are imperative. We do all of this with applications that ranging most simple to the most complex.


We are producing cameras that are more and more streamlined and accessible, as demonstrated by the new generation of e-scan Open System scanners created by DigiBook, completely adjustable and adaptable for several users.

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