Notre Vision

Tomorrow’s world has 3D manual scanners reproducing any object we want with 3D printers, high definition autonomous cameras capturing fleeting moments, microscopes with portable liquid lenses in isolated countries, multi-spectral miniature cameras deployed on drones for agriculture, very high speed recording systems for sport, « eyes » connected to the Internet watching over towns and miniature automated cameras exploring the human body. And it won’t stop there.

Indeed, our cameras will dominate tomorrow’s industrial and scientific world because we know how to put our excellence at their service and beyond that to the public. We will be there, devising, responding to needs and to uses that people are as yet unaware of, success will come from solutions which combine pleasure and reliability. We believe that tomorrow’s world will be the world of images. Images that come from reality and those that take us to everything we desire.



We will anticipate developments linked to using the images we have been asked to capture, or been asked to enrich, and alongside our clients we will make these images more intelligent, make information accessed by vision even more accessible. The results and achievements so far will spark ideas for new uses and challenges.

Finally, we will make strategic agreements and alliances, including those with our partners, so that we can optimize our tender with regards to our core business, imaging, whilst maintaining our mastery of any electronic technological, optic or algorithmic essentials in our future.

Each one of our colleagues has a place within our vision. We are often recognized by the strong values that drive us: conviviality, self-respect, respect for others, the right to fail, solidarity and last but not least commitment and honesty. We consider these values really important for our company today as we aim to ensure that i2S is company that remains at the forefront of image capturing solutions; our a wide range of personalities and complementary expertise are definitely a plus.

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